Wyff'r - Bottle Topper

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The Wyff’r is a single-handed flip top cap for your favorite cleaners, that's both easy to open and effortless to close. A glow in the dark button seals a hole roughly the same size as your bottle's opening, allowing for maximum aromatic indulgence. Also included is a cap keeper to make holding onto your solvent's original cap even easier.Size/Color: Small / Yellow

Bottle Shape: Round

Typical Volume: 15ml

Specs: 18/400 Thread Finish

EXCLUSIVE Brand: Double Scorpio™

Size/Color: Medium / Red

Bottle Shape: Round / Square

Typical Volume: 10ml - 30ml

Specs: 20/400 Thread Finish

Popular Brands: Rush™, Blue Boy™, etc.

Size/Color: Large / Grey

Bottle Shape: Round / Square

Typical Volume: 30ml

Specs: 22/400 Thread Finish