Wyff'r - Bottle Tops - Red - Medium

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Should fit Dolce 30ml bottles

After months and months of testing, experiments and improvements, discover the brand-new, updated and improved WYFF'R cap with a practical Flip Top that you can open and close with one hand.

With their new and improved cap, you can still use it one handed, it will always hit the spot when you use it as you can not only share it conveniently, it's also great to prevents spills and leaks.

How to use the new WYFF'R Caps, step-by-step:

1. Unscrew the original cap from your bottle.

2. Screw the WYFF'R onto the bottle but *do not over-tighten*.

3. Pull the bungee off the top and down the back of the cap.

4. The rubber sleeve may be slid down from the cap if desired.

5. Using your thumb, pop the top open and click it back closed.

6. Remember to pull the bungee back into its lock position during storage and when moving for added security.


  • ✓ The bottle should always stand upright while the WYFF'R cap is on.
  • ✓ It does not totally prevent liquid from evaporating or spilling.
  • ✓ Hold the top of the cap when you shake the bottle.

The Red cap fits:

  • - all our "Small" bottles,
  • - all our "Medium" bottles,
  • - all our "Oval" bottles
  • - all our "Tall" bottles 
  • - all our "Round" 25 ml bottles 
  • - all our "Alu" bottles