Sexy Word Paddles - Impression Words

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BABY- Black vinyl paddle 12 inch handle allows for more power behind the spanking. Wrist strap keeps paddle in place. BABY text is backwards for proper display on your skin. Leaves a great impression on your partner. Black on red.A sexy way to truly leave your mark - S&M 

XOXO- paddle has two sides to let you pick your pleasure - administer playful punishment with the smooth black side or pink XOXO side, with special cutouts that leave their shape on the skin! Made of leather free vinyl, this slender paddle is a great toybox addition for vegans or those who dislike leather bondage gear. A special black hanging loop at the end can be fastened around the wrist for secure lay. S&M

PIG- High quality, hand-stitched leather slapper leaves a great impression. Quality construction and material in this "PIG" slapper.

Slave - Orange is the new Black slap paddle