Rascal - The Clencher - CRing

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The Clencher is 100% medical grade silicone with an amazingly stretchy cock and ball ring that grips your manhood tight. The uniquely shaped anal plug, arouses and stimulates as it moves inside with every motion. The sexy curved shaft and exclusive taint tickler provides maximum grip and pleasure.

Combination C-Ring is stretchable to accommodate various sizes

  • Large and small ball plugs
  • Can be cooled, heated, or warmed for different sensations
  • Phthalate-freeLatex-freePVC-free
  • Arrives in discreet packaging
  • Stretchable ring diameter: 1.8’’
  • Plug diameter: 2’’
  • Small ball plug: 1.5’’
  • Large ball plug: 2’’
  • Length: 4’’