Eros mega slide

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Silicone Lubricant Anal Sex Fisting Lube 

Specifically designed for fisting and Heavy Duty Anal play.

Perfect for use with erotic toys and anal sex. Even a small amount of Eros Mega Slide provides exceptional, long-lasting lubrication. Condom safe. made in Germany ! so you know its good !!! 

Branded Eros MEGA SLIDE lubricant is a The thick silicone-based lubricating jelly which comes in a XL size tub designed for some serious heavy duty play, this lube is great for those fingers, thumbs and if you like fists.

The name of the lube MEGA SLIDE gives it away ....
The Facts:

  •   Small 150ml / Large 500ml TUB size
  •   Silicone Based lubricant
  •   Stays slicker for longer for long hard sessions
  •   Easy to clean 
  •   Ideal for heavy duty use, and use with toys/fist