Endless Love By Body Action - 1oz Anal Bleach

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Endless love for men by Body Action anal and intimate area bleaching gel helps lighten the appearance of uneven, dark, discolored areas of skin tone. For use on all intimate areas such as the anus, scrotum, penis, nipple, and underarm area. Hydroquinone free.

Features & Details -

  • Hydroquinone free
  • Lighten uneven, dark, discolored areas
  • For use on intimate areas

Directions -

  1. Cleanse & dry the areas.
  2. Apply a small amount, a thin layer & massage into areas.
  3. DO NOT APPLY to head of penis or inside your hole, external use only.
  4. 2 times everyday for a minimum of 8 weeks -  recommended after use of bathroom -