blowmei - Pig Pomade

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Not all pigs play in the mud! Add shine and hold to your daper style with a fresh mint scent. Our unique formula was created with an oil base for easy styling and also a water base for easy washing! the best of both worlds... 

Is that your cake? Good news... you can eat it too.

2 oz. Perfect for travel and passes TSA size requirementsEasy to apply. For all hair types, especially on medium to thicker hair textures water based so easily washes clean out of hair leaving no oily residue. Has the look of an oil based pomade - lots of slick shine. A FRESH mint scent every guy loves. Its called blowmei... do we really need to say much more?

how to use

work a small amount through wet or dry hair using your fingers. avoid using the palms of your hands to allow the product to work through your hair from base to tip. use more product if needed. remember, you can always add. 


with great hair comes greater responsibility

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