Barbasol - 8pc Manicure Set

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Eight Items in One: Comes with eight items including Large Nail Clipper, Slanted Nail Clipper, Safety Scissors, Nail File, Pointed Tweezers, Two Cuticle Pushers and One, all-encompassing, Travel Case

Works on The Toughest Nails: The two Clippers are designed to deal with everything from a basic short nail trimming to large, annoying, overgrown nightmares

Never Rusts During Its Lifetime: Barbasol makes their manicure kit items of Stainless Steel which is guaranteed to never rust during its lifetime

Ideal for The Man On-The-Go: With the Travel Case, you can take your kit anyplace as it fits perfectly in any space or placed in any larger suitcase or travel carry-on

This is a perfect gift (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween) for your families and friends