Pjur Woman - Nude & Silicone

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Silicone - Designed for women's skin. Unlike water or oil-based lubricants, Pjur is formulated from a clear synthetic that doesn't absorb into the skin. So you don't have to reapply. Latex and rubber compatible. Use for latex or rubber shining. Tasteless, odorless, and fragrance-free. Excellent non-staining massage oil feels silky and smooth and never dries out. Allows the skin to breathe without blocking pores.Living more consciously and more sustainably is a current trend.

Nude - The neutral water-based pjur Women Nude takes account of this trend and is therefore free from additives. It contains no preservatives glycerine and parabens. Of course this does not affect its premium quality and just like all the pjur products it is free from oil fat and perfume. Pjur Woman Nude has been specially developed for the delicate and sensitive skin of women while being completely odor-and tasteless. Specially formulated for women's soft and sensitive skin. Provides extra long lasting lubrication. Will enhance your personal pleasure and never gets sticky or dries out. Latex safe.