Eagle Soft Touch Side Torch Lighter

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The Eagle Soft Touch Side Torch Lighter is a small and affordable windproof butane torch lighter with advanced features like locking ignition and adjustable flame size.
It measures in at just 4 inches tall by about 1.25" wide (2.5" w/ nozzle), the Eagle Gun Torch is extremely compact and travel-friendly while still packing in some serious power.
When you're ready to use it first turn off it's safety lock by sliding it to the left away from the word "Lock". Customize your flame size using the slider beneath the lock with + / - signs.
Then just press down the ignition on the top of the lighter the spark the Eagle Torch's flame. For ultra convenient hands-free use apply the lock before releasing the ignition and the flame will continue to burn after you let go.
After you've finished doing what you need to do just release the lock and let go of the ignition. Every torch is equipped with Eagle's Safe Stop technology that ensures the flame instantly dies out after the ignition is released.
The Eagle Side Torches are also designed to be refillable so you can keep the same one going for plenty of time to come with some premium butane fuel. When the time to refill comes insert the tip from your gas canister into the port on the bottom of the torch and lightly press.
Always wipe down your torch afterwards and allow it to sit for at least five minutes for the gas to stabilize before using it again.