Boneyard - Aroma Topper

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Small is for large bottles 

Large is for 10ml and circle bottles 

I think it is safe to say we have all spilled a bottle of Aroma in the throw! The Patent Pending Aroma Topper turns your aroma bottle into a 1-handed, flip top. No more slippery, 2 handed battle with the bottle! 

In the past getting the bottle open takes 2 hands, keeping track of the removable cap is always a challenge and then actually screwing the cap back on, all while you have more important things to focus on! With the Aroma Topper just use your thumb to click it open and closed for a tight seal. Helps prevent spilling, staining and waste.

The Aroma Topper fits most traditional popper bottles, but bottle sizes can vary, so the kit comes with both sizes, small and large, which will fit most bottles on the market. 

The Aroma Topper is the 3rd product in the Skwert line. For easy on the go clean, try the Skwert Water Bottle Enema. Also check out the Skwert Lube Injector that turns any lube bottle into your personal injector. Please be advised it is impossible for this product to work perfectly with every type of bottle that its manufactured. For storage and travel please seal in the cap provided with bottle. Do not store upside-down or on side with Topper attached.